Full day excursion to Princes' Islands, including ferry trip, hiking and horse-drawn carriage tours on the island. Swimming is available in summer time. Include lunch.

    • Duration: full day
      Itinerary: The island tour starts from the hotel (** only the old city and Taksim area with free pick-up service) around 8:30. By ferry we will move to one of the Princes' Islands, Buyukada (The Big Island), which has served as a place to exile princes in the past. When leaving the Golden Horn, you can wander around Sarajerno (Seraglio Point), the peninsula where you can see the domes and minarets of Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. Upon reaching the island, you will see luxurious Ottoman palaces and other beautiful Victorian summer villas throughout the island touring on a horse-drawn carriage - as horse carriages are the only permitted means of transportation on these islands, cars are strictly prohibited. There you will also find colorful fruit trees, beautiful gardens, forest areas and exotic flowers that can be seen everywhere. After that, you can enjoy a delicious lunch in a cozy fish restaurant by the sea and relax when looking at the domes and minarets between the skyscrapers in Istanbul's modern skyline.

      This is an ideal day to relax and enjoy as Istanbul residents visit these islands to escape the noise of cars and the city. Then at the end of the day, return by ferry and transfer to the hotel around 6 pm.
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