8 days Istanbul and Black Sea tour
  • 8 days Istanbul and Black Sea tour


    8 days Istanbul and Black Sea tour. Where you will discover nature and beauty in Istanbul, Trabzon, Sumela Monastery, Karaka Cave, Hamsikoy, Ayder, Zılkal, Uzungol, Rize, Ataturk Villa.

    • Day 1
      Arrival in Istanbul
      When you arrive in Istanbul, our driver will meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel. The stay at the 4 * hotel in Istanbul.

      Day 2
      Istanbul Old City Tour
      Meals included: breakfast - lunch
      You will be transferred from your hotel at 8:30 am for the tour: We will visit the Church of Aya Sofia, built by Emperor Justinian. It has been the largest building in the world for more than 1,000 years, with the vision of intricate mosaics and a huge central dome. (The Church of Saint Sophia is closed on Monday.) Then we will continue the tour to Topkapi Palace, which was used by the Ottoman sultans from the fifteenth to nineteenth centuries. We will also see an impressive array of invaluable jewelry, crystal, silver, and porcelain, robes worn by sultans and the relics of the Prophet Muhammad. (Entrance to the harem is additional). After lunch, we will see the Blue Mosque, designed for Sultan Ahmed I, a unique architectural piece with its six minarets and includes 20,000 beautiful Iznik tiles. We will visit the ancient horse racing field with Obelisk of theodosius, Snake Pillar and German Wilhelm II fountain. You can also walk in the back streets of old Istanbul and visit the elegant Hagia Sophia Small Mosque, we will see the covered Grand Bazaar. Then back to the hotel, you can stay in a 4-star hotel in Istanbul.

      Day 3
      Istanbul to Trabzon
      Sumela Monastery - National Park.
      Meals included: breakfast - lunch - dinner
      4:30 PM You will be transferred from your hotel early in the morning to the airport.
      06:00 You will travel from Istanbul to Trabzon
      07:40 Upon your arrival to Trabzon Airport, our driver will be waiting to pick you up and we will start our tour directly to see the Black Sea without wasting time. First, we will visit the Sumela Monastery that was built on the slopes of Montenegro and is located in the Golden River National Park. We will have lunch in a restaurant located on the slopes of Mount Zigana and between the mystical pine. After the meal, we visit Cave Karaca located in Torul, Gümüşhane, then we will rest at the Zighana mountain, which is characterized by climate on both sides, through the Zigana Pass, then we will reach Hamsikoy, the original land of rice that flows on the old Iranian road. We will savor rice pudding and drink tea at the country house of tea, and dine in the nature and overnight at İPEKYOLU PARK HOTEL in Maçka.

      Day 4
      Uzungol Lake and Sera Lake
      You will be transferred from your hotel at 8:30 AM for a tour. First we will visit the Hagia Sophia which was used as a museum and converted into a mosque. Then we visit Ataturk Villa where Ataturk stayed during his visits to Trabzon. Next, we go to Boztepe by the hill to see the panoramic view of the city. We will sip tea while watching the city from the hillside. Around 12:00, we will have our lunch at Lake Sera (people who want to have a pedalo pedalo) after lunch, then we will leave for Lake Uzungol at 2 pm. On the way, we will discover the area in Sormin and visit the tea factory in the area. We will arrive at the hotel in Uzungol. After check-in, we will be free until dinner. We will have dinner with music. The stay at the Miraia Hotel.

      Day 5
      Lake Esenghol and Sera Lake
      You will be escorted from your hotel at 8:30 AM. We will leave for the fort in Ayder Heights. On our way, we will take a tea break in the Rize Botanical Garden, see traditional weaving mills, and see the rafting area of ​​the Fırtına River and experience the Lazik culture. We will arrive at our hotel at 1.30 pm through rain forests and waterfalls. After check-in, we will be in free time where we can take lunch and take a natural stroll. By the way, our guests can go to the hot springs. We will have dinner with the local violin. 1 night stay at HOTEL HAŞİMOĞLU.

      Day 6
      Electrical mansions and Caglayan River
      After breakfast, we will leave the hotel; we will be transferred from the hotel at 8:30 AM. We will leave the castle located in Çağlayan Village in Fındıklı at 9:00 am. This village is famous for its traditional tea, kiwi and palaces mansions in Lasik. We will take a one hour hiking tour along the Çağlayan River. Then we will go to Çayeli for lunch with famous beans all over Turkey. After the meal, we will reach Trabzon via the Black Sea coastal path. By providing free time for our guests, they will find an opportunity to see the historical bazaar in Trabzon and buy souvenirs. After the tour, transfer to Trabzon Airport will take place.
      20:30 Travel from Trabzon to Istanbul
      22:20 Arrival to Istanbul and transfer from Istanbul Airport to the hotel. The stay at the 4 * hotel in Istanbul.


      Today 7
      The Bosphorus Palace and the Dolmabahce Palace
      Meals included: breakfast - lunch
      You will be transferred from your hotel at 8:30 AM and you will leave on the tour. We will take you to Eminonu Port to reach the usual city boat
      Two hours from the Bosphorus on the boat. You will enjoy this relaxing cruise along the coastline as your guide explains the history of the sights seen on the boat. Then the tour continues on land to visit the magnificent palace of Dolambahce and then also visit Camlica Hill. After the trip, you will be transferred to your hotel and spend a spare time, you can stay in a 4-star hotel in Istanbul.

      Today 8
      Meals included: breakfast
      After breakfast, you will leave the hotel (before 12:00), and we will transfer you from your hotel (regarding your flight time) to Istanbul International Airport. End of the tour and services